FSC® auditing in relation to ISO 19011

The training – FSC® auditing in relation to ISO 19011 – provided by Ingénieure Conseils en Environnement et Foresterie (ICEF) is based on requirements from Forest Stewardship Council®: FSC-PRO-20-004 V1-2.


Ttraining duration – FSC® auditing in relation to ISO 19011

The training is delivered for 18 hours of remote or face-to-face training over three days


Topics – FSC® auditing in relation to ISO 19011

  1. Principles of auditing.
  2. Managing an audit program.
  3. Audit program objectives and extent.
  4. Audit program implementation.
  5. Audit program records.
  6. Audit program monitoring and reviewing.
  7. Audit activities: initiating the audit; conducting document review; preparing for the on-site audit activities; conducting on-site audit activities; preparing approving and distributing the audit report; completing the audit; and conducting audit follow-up.
  8. Practical audit examples from the FSC context.

To obtain the certificate of completion the participants shall participate for at least 95% of the time; successfully pass the ongoing evaluation; successfully passed the quizzes of the e-learnings and successfully passed the final exam (70% of correct answers).

Who can participate and Prerequisites

This training is dedicated to candidates for initial qualification as FSC® Forest Management auditor. In that case the prerequisites are FSC-STD-20-001 V4.0 /Annex 2/Table 2.

• Tertiary education (college or university qualification) in a relevant discipline (e.g. ecology, forestry, sociology, economics, anthropology) and five (5) years of professional experience in these disciplines;

For participants candidates for initial qualification as FSC® chain of Custody auditor according to FSC-STD-20-001 V4.0 /Annex 2/Table 3.

• Tertiary education (college or university qualification); and Two (2) years of professional experience in the forest products sector.

For all participants: successfully completion of the online training modules set up for preparation of this training.

FSC® is not responsible for the content of any training offered by ICEF.




FSC® auditing in relation to ISO 19011

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