FSC® Chain of Custody

The training – FSC® Chain of Custody – provided by Ingénieure Conseils en Environnement et Foresterie (ICEF) is based on requirements from Forest Stewardship Council®: FSC-PRO-20-004 V1-2.


Training duration – FSC® Chain of Custody

The training is delivered for 20 hours over one week if delivered remotely. The course also includes 3 hours of training on FSC® Generic requirements.


Topics – FSC® Chain of Custody

  1. Overview of general requirements for COC application.
  2. Group and multi-site certification.
  3. Controlled Wood in the context of COC.
  4. Sourcing reclaimed material.
  5. Project certification.
  6. The COC evaluation process: certification process and certification decision making.
  7. COC certification report writing.

To obtain the certificate of completion the participants shall participate for at least 95% of the time; successfully pass the on-going evaluation; successfully passed the quizzes of the e-learnings and successfully passed the final exam (70% of correct answers).

Who can participate and Prerequisites

This training is dedicated to candidates for initial qualification as FSC® Chain of Custody. In such case the rules that apply are requirements from FSC-STD-20-001 V4.0 /Annex 2/Table 3. The candidates shall have:

  • Tertiary education (college or university qualification); and two (2) years of professional experience in the forest products sector.
  • Successful completion of an IRCA registered or an ISO 19011 course on auditing techniques as described in FSC-PRO-20-004.

This training is also accessible to personnel involves in FSC® certification, or for companies seeking FSC COC certification. In such case the candidates shall complete the elearnings set up for preparation of this training (mandatory for any trainee).

FSC® is not responsible for the content of any training offered by ICEF




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